Boost visitor engagement with video segmentation

The SnapPlayer Video Platform

Creating a new paradigm in video publishing by re-engaging users and improving comprehension.

Forging New Standards in Content Development

Publishers are excited to discover this new and easy way to develop content. Content flows more naturally, as they synchronize their video with relevant written content. Strategic segmentation is the key to increased user interactivity.

Create chapters through time segmentation

Easily break up your videos into hyperlinkable chapters of user interest (aka Snappoints). Relevant “Jump to” points that stop all the fumbling around with the progress bar!

Follow me Video

A feature favorite. As the user scrolls, the main video continues playing in a smaller window on the side as the viewer scrolls! Various settings give you control over the snappoint’s playback behaviors.

WordPress Plugin & Enterprise Version

The Wordpress Plugin is loaded with options that make creating Snappoints a snap! Enterprise works on any platform and includes upgrades like CTA overlays, CDN hosting & analytics integration.

Put Your Videos On Steriods

A Video without SnapPoints is akin to a Book without Chapters or a Webpage without Subheaders

You publish video, so does everyone else. Isn't it about time you gave your users more choices when they play your video?

Put away your a video editor. Use the Snapplayer to "splice" up your video.

Attention spans are getting shorter and removing the progress bar is out. However, giving the viewer the ability to fast-forward anywhere can wreak havoc on your message impact. Find the happy medium by letting the viewer jump to various snappoints on the timeline that you set in our easy video wizard.

We believe we are setting a new paradigm in video consumption. Become part of it, get your copy today!

  • Engagement Boost

    42% Increase. More User Choices means Happier Viewers.

  • Video Editing Alternative

    45 Minutes Saved by NOT using a standard video editor.

  • Content Comprehension

    17% Increase. When the video message better matches textual content.

  • Revisiting More OFten

    22% More likely to return. Easier to find "Favorites" encourages return visits.


Here to Help you Leverage the Snapplayer to Improve Your Visitor's Experience
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