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[intense_heading font_size=”45″ line_height=”54″ font_color=”#444444″ align=”center”] Video Segmentation = More Choices = Happier Visitors[/intense_heading] [intense_animated_scroll target_id=”scroll_in1″ effect=”fadein” effect_code=”data-bottom-top=’opacity: 0′ data-center-top=’opacity: 1′”] [intense_heading font_color=”#444444″ align=”center” tag=”h2″] Features for a Video Publisher
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1) The SnapPlayer Wizard allows the publisher to easily create Chapter Markers or timeslices in the video, letting the user from a hyperlink jump to the product lets say , the testimonials in a product sales video or even the ab exercise in a full body workout.

2) The Snapplayer has a special script that makes the video to shrink to a smaller window on the left or right side as the user as he scrolls down the page.

3) Lastly, it ties these measurable markers to google analytics.
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[intense_heading font_color=”#444444″ align=”center” tag=”h2″] Why You Should Use the SnapPlayer[/intense_heading] [intense_row][intense_column size=”12″ medium_size=”6″ small_size=”12″ extra_small_size=”12″] [intense_animated_scroll effect=”custom” effect_code=”data-175-top=’opacity:1;transform:rotate(0deg);transform-origin:0 0;’ data-top=’opacity:0;transform:rotate(-90deg);'”] [intense_panel shadow=”8″ title=”” title_tag=”h4″ title_color=”#444444″ title_font_color=”#ffffff” color=”#cccccc”] 1. Creates a More Uniform message when you can highlight important parts of the video
2. Tying the Video with textual content on the page allows for better comprehension for the reader
3. Allows you to break up the vido message for quicker reference
4. Save Time by not using a typical video editor for “break” up tasks
5. All around save frustration levels for the web visitor

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