September 6, 2016

Features Grid

Feature SnapPlayer Plugin Enterprise
Platform WordPress 4.6+ Any
Number of Domains 1, 3, Unlimited 1 or Unlimited
Support Email support Email /Support Ticket / Phone
Instructions Docs and Videos Docs and Videos
Resource/Strategy Library No Yes
Theme Included No Yes
HTML5 Video Player Yes Yes
Flash5 Fallback (Older Browsers) Yes Yes
SnapPoint Admin Wizard Y Y
One-click Snappoint Creator Y Y
Easy to use WP Shortcodes Y Y
Display Video on Sidebar (Shrink on Scroll) Y Y
Player Rightside | Left | None Y Y
Unlimited Snappoints/Chapters Y Y
Unlimited Snappoint Links Y Y
InBody Snappoint Links Y Y
Professional SP Link Icons 1 10
Custom SP Link Icons N Y
SnapPoint Thumbnail Links No Yes
Snapoints to Main Video or Sidebar Video N Y
Video Sources Local, Youtube, Vimeo Local, Youtube, Vimeo

SnapPlayer Video Skin/Player Features

SnapPlayer Skins 2 5
Change Video Player Dimensions Y Y
AutoPlay Video Toggle Y y
Show Progress Bar Y Y
Show Snapoints on Player Y Y
Local Video Types .mp4, webm, .wmv, .ogv, .flv .mp4, webm, .wmv, .ogv, flv
Number of Domains 1 / 3 / Unlimited 1 or Unlimited