October 11, 2016

Great Ways to use the Snapplayer

  1. How-to Videos – Create easy to follow how to steps all accessable by just a quick hyperlink
  2. Marketing Videos – Break up the video into what users are fast forawarding trying to find. The benefits, offer, cost, testimonials, gaurantee.
  3. Music Videos – How many times have you wantee to come back to your favorite spots?
  4. Family Videos – Family videos tend to be long and full of fluff, so why not let the user jump to the good parts?
  5. Business Presentations – Break up presentations into their key highlights for future reference
  6.  Favorite Movie Scenes – Go back to that favorite movie scene again and again!
  7. Long Security Footage – Why give clients the time markers to seek for, when you can’t let them jump to the areas in question?
  8. Speeches – Speeches tend too be very verbose and you only want the user to glean important highlights. Let the user jump to them.
  9. Real Estate Tour – Nothing is more annoying the long-winded realtors, when all you care about is the kitchen or bathroom.
  10. Collection demonstration –
  11. Top 10 Lists – Let the user hop to his favorite items in the list just by a quick click on the title
  12. Workouts  – Why make the user sit through a long workout, when they may only want to see a specific excercise or muscle group
  13. Q&A – Let the user hop to the answers to questions right from the snappoint menu
  14. unboxing video – Unboxing is great, but many times the user is just trying to glean 1 or 2 features
  15. haul video – Split up the video into key product features for the viewer to jump to quickly. They are looking at dozens, so stand out from the crowd.
  16. promotional videos – Jump to the key scenes or funny parts the people love to come back to
  17. recent events  
  18. make a video about a video 
  19. Interviews
  20. Demonstrate product uses

Ideas based on Profession

  1. Interior Designer – room décor ideas
  2. Real Estate Agent
  3. Appraisers
  4. Salesman
  5. Looking for a Job – Personal Resume
  6. Actor – Break up your Video Reel into target acting niches – drama, comedy
  7. Lawyer – Record what you need or want to convey to the client
  8. Graphic / WEb Designers
  9. Coaching
  10. Speakers
  11. Teacher
  12. Consulatant
  13. Property Manager
  14. Videographers
  15. Auctioneers
  16. Video Tour Guides
  17. Travel Tour Operator/Sales
  18. Physicians
  19. PHysical Therapist – list out proceedures in a great video, they can referece again and again
  20. Counselors
  21. Fitness Trainer
  22. Managers – Create instrucrtional, corporate guideline Videos that are broken up into important chapters for reference
  23. Security Gaurd – break up video for mangers to review

TYPES of websites:

  1. Vlogging websites