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A groundbreaking way to consume video content using Snappoints to jump to key scenes.

The Current Problem for Video Publishers

Over the years, website text and image content have become more concise, but video has been left behind. Millions of amateur videos are published every month, and there is no easy tool to effectively catalogue their SUB-contents. The number of consumption options is frustratingly small – play, pause, and seek! Web video consumption is in its very early stages, and desperatly needs a shot of adreline!

While often not realized yet by the video publisher, the lack of choices leads to a whole host of issues for the website owner. The Snapplayer Platform provides a solution, as it solves five major problems with video publishing:

  1. Lowering video engagement rates caused by increasing choices and lowering attention spans
  2. The difficulty or cumbersomeness for video publishers to make minor edits to raw video
  3. Lower user comprehension from hybrid pages. The hybrid page problem occurs when a user is caught between deciding wether to listen to the Video OR read the copy on the same page.
  4. Youtube strict monetization requirements. YouTube requires that if you want to make money from Ads, you need to have sufficient copy on your video or image rich pages. Related content is a must, but video commentary based on time-sliced chapters could be even better.
  5. Minimal Engagement Analtyics – There is a lack of available data points to analyze on a viewer’s actions while watching the video.

The Problem for Web Visitors

Scenario 1: Mixed Messages – Have you ever scrolled INSTEAD of watching a video to read down the page? Well the video playing in the background while you read is a big distraction! Your head voice goes nuts competing with the audio from the playing video that never stops. This is a huge comprehension disconnect that the Snapplayer corrects.

Are you tired of trying to decide between listening to the video or the reading the copy? The elements on pages like this should be more congruent! Please write to your favorite video webmasters and ask them to use the SnapPlayer on their site!

Scenario 2: The Instructional Time Warp – You’re watching an instructional video only to become frustrated patiently waiting for the “meat and potatoes” section. Maybe your fumbling around the progress bar, looking for an EXACT Step in a drawn out instruction video!

We fix this problem as viewers click snappoints in the video overlay menu or links in the content that quickly jump viewers to key steps in the video.

If you can relate to one of the above scenarios, then as a publisher, you will to get the SnapPlayer, or if just a consumer, request your favorite publishers try it.